Phone: (440)796-3224

I am looking for a place to work in the field of animation and storyboarding.

These are my goals to make good works:

Using strong skill of drawing and creative ideas to tell stories without relying on dialogues;

and utilizing the nature of media to create visually unique works.


*If your browser is having a problem with playing movies, please watch them on Vimeo:

    • Ball Bounce Demo (3D Animation)
    • Demo Reel 2011

    • Little Guitarist (Animation)
    • Paradise Lost (Animation)
    • Shapes (3D Animation)
    • Sagashimono (Live/AfterEffects)
    • A Dark Night (Stop-motion)

    • Walking Tall (Animatic)
    • Humpty Dumpty (Storyboard)
    • Office (Animatic)
    • Mascot (Storyboard)
    • Noodle Box (Storyboard)

    • Facial Expressions (Character Design)
    • Poster for Lost Key (Illustration)
    • Balcony (Illustration)
    • Deathmetal Cicada (Character Design)
    • A Doll's Head (Watercolor)
    • Snowlord (Snowboard Design)